One of my best friends at work once said to me, ‘Sometimes you need to toot your own professional horn.”

The Most Enterprising Woman In The World

Many of you have said that your favorite So Money episode was the one where I got the chance to interview my parents.

Through that conversation we learned how my mother and father got their footing in America after leaving Iran in the late 1970s, the financial values they instilled in us and how growing up in the Torabi household made an impact on how I relate to money.

Just this week, I got the chance to share another layer of my personal story with the incredible team at MMLaFleur. (You may recall I interviewed their founder, Sarah LaFleur, on So Money.)

I’m not sure about the title…calling me The Most Enterprising Woman…I can think of a few others (Oprah? Sarah Blakely?) but, I am grateful for this spotlight and hope that it offers readers a better sense of who I am. We’re all influenced by our experiences growing up – the good, bad and ugly. It’s important to recognize some of these moments and, for me, I like to think that even the tough stuff was a blessing. A guest recently told me that life doesn’t happen TO you. Experiences happen FOR you so that you can learn and become stronger.

To check out the full interview and more about MM.LaFleur’s Most Remarkable Women Campaign, click here.

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