What to Keep In Your Wallet?

What’s in your wallet? The cool team at GoBankingRates.com recently asked me to disclose what’s in my wallet and the one item I never leave home without.

Check out my answers below. What about you?


What’s always in your wallet (aside from your I.D.), and why can’t you leave home without it? My and my son’s health insurance card. In case of an emergency, we don’t have to worry about the financial toll of getting immediate medical attention. Sure, we can get reimbursed later…but who has the time or patience for dealing with medical billing departments? I also try to keep some cash with me at all times. Being out and about in NYC, you’re bound to tip someone at some point during your day!  

What would you never carry in your wallet and why? My social security card. Should my wallet get in the wrong hands, my social security number would allow a thief to unlock – and open – endless financial accounts. The damage would be epic.
And just for kicks, here are the contents of my purse. The photograph was taken while I was still pregnant, hence the pink pair of maternity pants.
wallet purse
Rubber band for my hair
Trident gum
Too many keys
My purple wallet – my favorite color
A check book – cuz you never know!
The address of the waitress who recognized me and said she’s been meaning to read You’re So Money. So, I sent it to her…She gave us free dessert in exchange!
Spare contact lenses
A stack of business cards collected this past month
Hand sanitizer
Kind Bar – Dark Choc and Sea Salt. The best!
A pair of pink maternity pants I need to get hemmed
Far too many tubes of lipstick…

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