Meet the Millionaires Next Door

Darrow Kirkpatrick

Age: mid 50s

Occupation: Blogger at, former software company engineer and ex-Navy

How he became a millionaire:  Darrow didn’t begin seriously saving and investing until his mid-30’s and he was still able to retire by age 50.  He claims to have done so by working hard, being frugal, prudent investing and having patience.

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Luann Abrams

Age: 40

Occupation:  Now a stay-at-home wife, formerly aerospace engineer

How she became a millionaire:  She’s a self-described “saver,” who doesn’t enjoy shopping. She maxed out her retirement accounts and lived well below her means. She actually shaved $700 a month off her budget by calling her various creditors and billers and asking for discounts. Two years ago she and her husband hit the $1mil mark, and are almost 2/3 of the way to the second million. And now that she and her husband have made it this far, her husband was able to quit his job and work in his dream start-up.

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Jeremy Jacobson and Winnie Tseng

Age: 38

Occupation: Personal finance blogger at

How they became millionaires: Jeremy and his wife Winnie considered themselves two normal people from lower income families who were chasing the American Dream.  Unhappy, they made a decision to sell their home and car and began saving 70%+ of their income.  Within 10 years, they found themselves earning financial independence and said goodbye to working from 9-5. Now they travel the world and live on $4,000 a month while having multiple millions invested in index funds.

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Julie Rains

Ag: 54

Occupation: freelance writer

How she became a millionaire: Julie took advantage of employee benefits (retirement plans, profit sharing plans, health benefits, etc.). She researched financial issues and consulted professionals, and saved and invested early. And she adds, “We don’t drive luxury cars or designer clothes.”

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Jeff Johnson

Ages: Mid-late 30s

Occupation: Jeff works at a pharmaceutical company and his wife amanda Amanda worked as a staff psychologist at a local college before taking a leave of absence to raise their now 2 year old son.

How he became a millionaire: They’ve been tracking their spending since 1996 and began saving for retirement as soon as they began working. (Jeff opened his first bank account at 9 years old, and his IRA at 18 years old).

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