“Make your mess your mojo.” – Ann Shoket

Achieve the BIG life

Millennial women want it ALL.

But then again … who doesn’t?

My So Money guest Ann Shoket shares how young women are actually achieving it ALL – a fulfilling career, meaningful relationships and friendships and financial security.

As the former Editor-in-Chief of Seventeen magazine, Ann spent several years diving deep into the Millennial zeitgeist and has captured her findings and strategies in a new book called The Big Life. 

During the show we discuss:

  • Life’s experiences – which are really worth it and not? (05:59)
  • Ann’s #1 advice if you’re hungry for a promotion this year. (13:24)
  • Her top tactics for overcoming FOMO and Instagram envy. (15:24)
  • Is work-life balance a total sham? (18:29)

Check out the full interview here.

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