Big Change Coming to So Money

When I launched this podcast last year some were stumped.

“Farnoosh. Your podcast is 7 days per week? What!? You crazy, woman!”

But that extreme frequency immediately set the show apart and we got featured in countless articles.

It also pleased a smart and ambitious audience (YOU) that craved a daily dose of financial inspiration.

And thanks to So Money‘s initial daily format, we hit one million downloads within months.

Following that milestone I shifted the show to 5 days per week, giving us the weekends off.

And many of you wrote in to say, THANKS!

To my surprise, subscribers jumped and more people listened to each episode.

Today, as we’ve surpassed two million downloads, I’m convinced that less can continue to be so much more.

Starting this Monday, May 2, So Money will move to three days a week – with interviews airing on Mondays + Wednesdays and Ask Farnoosh remaining on Fridays.

Fewer shows means more quality, a better chance each episode will be heard and more free time for me to focus on other valuable content for you.

Did somebody say a So Money course? Just you wait!

All this to say, thank you for sticking with me on this ever-changing ride.

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