That Time I Almost Changed My First Name

It’s a lot of pressure being named Farnoosh when you’re a kid.

Especially when you live in a predominantly white neighborhood and your best girlfriends are Nicole and Stephanie.

I struggled with being different for most of my childhood.

In fact, in middle school I considered changing my name.

It was the early 90s. My parents had just passed their U.S. citizenship test and decided they were going to change their legal names to Adam and Sheila.

Around that time my younger brother Todd was born. (Yes, Todd.)

My family was becoming more American – at least on paper. And I considered doing the same.

What was that all about? And why didn’t I go through with it?

Well, I finally got around to asking my mom and dad.

My parents, Adam and Sheila Torabi, are my latest guests on So Money.

farnoosh parents 1farnosh parents 2

(Pictured: My parents Farrokh and Sheida or Adam and Sheila as they’re known now. On top, a photo taken earlier this year and below, a picture of my parents circa 1980.)

I had SOO many questions for them. And in true Barbara Walters style, I unapologetically went the distance and got answers to things like…

  • Why did my parents fight about money when I was a kid?
  • How did my parents immigrate to the U.S. from Iran during a time when relations between the two countries were in turmoil?
  • What’s the secret to a lasting marriage? [They’re about to celebrate 38 years together!]
  • Why are Torabi’s such hard workers? Are we mental?
  • Why do I fear my mother more than any other person, thing or spiritual figure?
  • And finally, why does my brother have an American name?

I hope you will take some time to hear this interview. It might even encourage you to go down memory lane and record a conversation with your loved ones. I know this will be an interview my family will reference for generations to come!

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