A Personal “So Money” Announcement

I’m beyond-the-moon happy to share that starting this month I’ll be contributing to the Mint blog as a weekly financial writer! [Cue dance of joy!!]


I’m grateful to give back to the platform that’s given me – and my financial life – so much encouragement and guidance over the years.

I first joined the money management and budgeting site in my 20’s when struggling with a pile of debt and the high cost of living in New York.

What I loved about Mint back then (and still) was that it held me accountable. It was the honest friend who called me out when I made bad money choices – and even some good ones!

So, when Mint reached out to see if I’d be interested in joining their editorial team, I jumped at the opportunity. I was honored.

You can start reading my column this week. My first piece answers an audience member’s question about the best ways to save for college beyond a standard 529 plan.  [Because what if your child doesn’t go to college? What’s the best way to protect your investment?]

I hope you’ll join me there. The goal of the column is to serve and help you better navigate your finances, so please continue to send me your top questions and share your stories with me, via Ask Farnoosh or email me at Farnoosh@SoMoneyPodcast.com

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