My Dumbest Money Mistake (+ landing the job at O Magazine)

In my early 20’s I racked up thousands in credit card debt.

I guess I thought that by paying the minimum balance each month I was being responsible. I mean…I was just following the directions on my bill!

I was lying to myself.

And falsely thinking that my debt was “OK debt” as long as I didn’t miss a payment or have collectors chasing me down.

Thankfully, I’m really afraid of my mom.

And what she said to me in the midst of my credit crisis was a turning point I’ll never forget.

I recently chatted about that money memory with Hearst, parent company of O, The Oprah Magazine, where I write a monthly column.

I’m excited to share that article with you here.

In it, I talk openly about my money mistakes, how to stand out at your job and my most intimidating interview.

I also share the behind-the-scenes of landing my new role as the financial contributor to O, The Oprah Magazine. How did that come to fruition, exactly?

By the way, this month’s column is all about the things everyone believes about money….that are simply not true.

Oprah June article


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