Monthly Archives: September 2017

My latest gig with Johnny Depp.

Imagine earning $650 million over a stretch of ten, twelve years. What would you do with all that cash? If you’re Johnny Depp, you’d apparently LIVE👏🏼 IT👏🏼 UP👏🏼 The man owns 14 houses, 45 cars, and a 40-person personal staff. And spends $30,000 a month on wine. WINE! I mean…who wouldn’t, right? Welp, Johnny is […]

Checking In: How is Aaron Progressing on His Goal?

The summer’s been a trying season for our friend Aaron who’s determined to erase $11,000 worth of debt over 12 months. He is now nearly six months into his plan and says the path has been harder than he could have ever imagined. I wrote earlier that he’s also trying to simultaneously build up his cash […]

How to Spend Your Student Loans: Do’s and Dont’s

Several years ago, a fellow college grad mentioned how she was over $100,000 in debt from school. It surprised me because I didn’t recall tuition being that expensive at our in-state college at the time. “Well, I used the money for my living expenses, too,” she explained. Then I remembered the studio apartment she rented […]